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January 23, 2015

What Google Apps has done for Me

Running a small business is hard work. Running a small business, and a home, and a full time job while your business partner is over 500 miles away is even harder. My sister and I have taken this next to impossible dream and turned it into a reality. We juggle our schedules, take part in 4 am video meetings, work with Internet Marketing Team, send and receive hundreds of email with millions of attachments. We have learned to be organized with both our time and work space. We knew running a small business when distance and time presents a challenge would requires hard work, reliable people, and trustworthy equipment. That is why we started using Google apps.

google-apps-boxStaring our own small business has been an endeavor of hard work. Syncing our schedules, and sharing information became a job all on its own. Every day we had to import and export documents, send and receive countless email from the other person, and phone calls at all hours of the night as we tried to explain the paper work we had sent to the other person. We wasted countless hours refreshing our email accounts waiting on emails with their enclosed attachments to arrive for review. Our already busy schedules did not leave us much free time but the work load we had created for ourselves trying to communicate was taking much of what little free time we had. That is when I found our solution in Google Apps. After finding a Google apps promotion code online I signed up our small business, and began saving time and money. Our millions of attachments now became shared documents, and our countless phone calls during the night became a simple video chat. We found we could now control the apps we needed to save on the little time we had available. This once again gave us freedom to enjoy our life and a clearer schedule.

Google apps have given us the freedom to have the most reliable person only a video chat away. By sharing documents instead of using attachments we have saved time making distance no longer a factor in the challenges we face. These applications and tools connect my sister and I wherever we go by allowing us access on our phones and tablets. We are always just a click away.

As well as a laptop, and internet connection no equipment we use is as trustworthy as Google apps. With a name you can trust like Google there is no other product on the market such as this that allowed us to edit and review shared documents so quickly. User friendly and easy to learn navigation there is no doubt we made the best choice when we picked Google apps. You are in total control of the email accounts you need and dont need under your own domain name. I never would have thought I would be in control of my own business but the reliable tools at Google apps has given me the freedom to control the business to suit our needs as we grow over time.

Our hard work, ability to relay on each other, and trustworthy equipment have helped us to overcome the challenges faced by any small business. And with our Google apps promotional code we saved money as well offering many Google apps coupon codes and Google apps discounts fit for any small group. Google apps has simplified my small business maybe it could do the same for you.

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